Rebuild +
Your Brain.

Brain Boost touts the densest adaptogenic dose of the finest curcumin, shilajit, ashwagandha, cordyceps sinensis and lion's mane that can possibly be found all in one.

Brain + Body

Russian-inspired daily tonic to uplift and recharge those tired bodily systems.

We offer an entire lineup of advanced and highly formulated supplements and nutrients that support brain health and overall cognitive performance. Our products have been clinically proven to promote enhanced Mood, Mind and Memory. You will feel a difference.

The Doctor’s Orders

Brain Bean and Multiple Scerosis

Since we launched Brain Bean we have had so many individuals suffering with chronic conditions that range from...

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Cinnamon combats Parkinson’s Disease

Each serving of Brain Bean contains meaningful amounts of Ceylon cinnamon just like used in this study…

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Depression at epidemic levels

One would think that with all the modern conveniences and luxuries, moods would get better and people would be happier ...

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